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About Us

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What does Touchdown do?

Touchdown is an international communications agency that offers a variety of marketing and PR services, specializing in the tech industry. Find out more about our services and what we do.

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What’s the history of Touchdown?

Founded in 2006 Touchdown PR started its journey in the Surrey HQ, Farnham. The goal was to be the touchdown point for emerging, innovative and game-changing tech vendors aspiring to build their brand and grow revenues, globally. Over time, Touchdown has become renowned for delivering award-winning communications programs to a broad range of VC-funded B2B technology startups and established enterprise technology brands in sectors ranging from cybersecurity and data management, MarTech and FinTech, AI and robotics, networking and communications, and others. 

Touchdown offers a variety of services to our clients including analyst relations, communications, and social media campaigns, briefings and interviews, and speaking engagements.

What countries does Touchdown have a team in? And, what regions do you cover?

Working on an international scale, Touchdown has 70+ staff in offices across the globe, including the USA, Europe, Australia and Singapore. our locations.

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What does PR stand for?

PR is an abbreviation of Public Relations.

What is PR?

PR refers to the strategic communication from an organization to the public to maintain or cultivate public image and/or respond to public discourse.

Here’s some accounts we’d recommend following if you’re wanting to become a PR pro!

What’s the difference between PR and marketing?
Marketing is the overall process of promoting a product or brand using a variety of methods,  such as social media, email marketing, and design.

Find out more about PR and how it’s landscape has changed here.

PR falls under the umbrella term ‘marketing’ and is one of the methods we use to promote and maintain a company’s reputation and relationship with the public.


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Do you offer graduate training or work experience?

We are often looking for recent graduates to join our growing team and we pride ourselves on our internal training scheme across all levels. If you’re interested in finding out more about our current vacancies, head on over to our Careers page to see what we currently have available.

You can also explore what it’s like to work at Touchdown here. 

How can I get into PR?

People from a range of backgrounds can work in PR. For example, many of our graduates have studied a specific PR and communications degree or a humanities subject that requires research, writing and creativity. The main thing for us is that graduates can write flawless, creative and compelling text and have an interest in the world of technology and business.

We also have experienced professionals join us from in-house roles so that they can work across a range of clients as well as with a broader range of media outlets and journalists. Finally we of course welcome professionals from other agencies who have experience working with clients in B2B focused technology solutions.

What does a job in PR involve?

We can show you! Watch our ‘Day in the Life’ video here!

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What benefits can I expect as a Touchdown employee?

Find out what it’s like to be a part of the Touchdown team and what benefits you’ll receive on our Careers page.

You can also find out more about why you should choose Touchdown here.

What’s the company culture like at Touchdown?

With team mates all across the globe, maintaining our positive company culture is really important to us. We believe in working as one team and one dream and the best way to achieve this is by ensuring our team has a strong connection with one another. Not only do we share client workload, but we also encourage our teams to spend time with one another outside of a working environment at our company funded happy hours and quarterly socials, whilst also allowing the team to take advantage of our inter office travel scheme to visit one another.

We are also committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion, and eliminating all unlawful discrimination with assistance from our Diversity & Inclusion team.

You can also find out what it’s like to work at Touchdown by reading Shannon’s story here.

Media Relations

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What is Media Relations?
Media relations refers to the beneficial relationship between journalists and public relations professionals.
One of the biggest benefits for journalists is the easy access to story ideas and sources.
Find out more here. 
What sorts of news media do you target?

Touchdown PR targets any and all news media that fits into our clients’ specific audience. We have experience and relationships with journalists in many different technology markets including cybersecurity, DevOps, HR and more as well as specific industry verticals such as retail, public sector, finance and more. This also applies to the heavy hitters at top tier business publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fortune, and more. If local representation is more your style, we have a history of targeting and building relationships with local media members and securing coverage in print, broadcast, online and even radio formats.

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Can you help with media training?

Yes, Touchdown PR is more than happy to prepare your spokespeople to speak confidently with the media. We can conduct one-on-one or group training sessions that will guide your spokespeople through how to speak with various different media members—be it journalists, analysts, bloggers, and even podcasters. Your custom-made training sessions will cover everything from what to talk about, what not to talk about, how to dress for an interview, and how to deal with curve balls journalists may throw at you. Additionally, before every media interaction, our team will create material specific to the interaction to help your spokesperson prepare for the meeting. This material includes an overview of what the media member wants to talk about, background on the media member, background on the organization (publication, analyst firm, podcast, etc.), and more.

Analyst Relations

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What is analyst relations?

Good analyst relationships can be instrumental in building a strong reputation and generating sales leads. Early introductions to these critical influencers, and a sustained relationship with them, can provide message testing prior to a launch as well as the potential for endorsement at launch and beyond.

Why do analyst relationships matter?

Analysts know the industry really, really well and are regularly speaking to (and influencing) investors, technology buyers and the media. They know where you and your competitors stand and are able to offer insights on market direction and your value proposition. 

Receiving third-party validation from analysts by being included in their influential reports carries significant weight can go a long way in the rest of the industry recognising your company as a serious player. It’s good to be on analysts radar, not only to secure your company’s market position but for their competitive intelligence that could help to inform your marketing messaging and position product launches.

Which analyst groups does Touchdown work with?
Touchdown has longstanding relationships with leading experts at globally recognized analyst groups, including Gartner451 Research and Forrester, among many others.
How can Touchdown help build these relationships?

Touchdown can help you to build a strong analyst relations strategy as part of a comprehensive PR programme. The Touchdown team can open up conversations and set up briefings with the right analysts at the right time, improving your chances of being featured in reports and boosting your company’s credibility.

Global Communications

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Why do I need PR?
Public relations is all about getting your business into the media, building your reputation, and expanding your reach to a larger audience of potential customers. No matter the size of your business, PR is an important tool to allow it to grow. Read here 5 reasons why hiring a global communications agency will be the most beneficial start to your PR journey.
Do you run international PR campaigns?
Yes we do. Touchdown has built an outstanding reputation for delivering highly integrated global communication campaigns that maximize coverage and impact in every key territory.
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How long does it take to start seeing results?

We pride ourselves in hitting the ground running and helping you see your company’s name in lights within weeks or even days. Our proactive approach to PR means we don’t have to wait for a press release or research on your end. We will monitor the news and keep a close eye on opportunities as soon as we begin the ramp up period so you can see near immediate ROI.

Social Media

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Do you provide social media services as well as traditional PR?

Yes we do. We possess the tools and experience to ensure your company stands out on social media so that you can engage with prospects, strengthen current customer relationships and increase website traffic. The result is dynamic social strategies that engage the right audience and generate sales, all whilst harnessing on-brand messaging.

Does my company need social media?

Most companies, yes. Social media has become an integral tool for business success, allowing companies to reach their desired audiences across the globe and expand their brands and customer bases.

However, a plan of action will be determined for each client based on their goals which may or may not include certain services.

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How do you measure the success of social media?

There are a number of metrics you must focus on in order to measure social media success. One of the most important is the amount of impressions one gets from a social post, as all social posts should be directing the reader back to a landing point, whether this be your company website, a latest update, a list of services. Providing your social posts are getting seen, your company’s visibility online will increase.

Event Services

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In what way can Touchdown help plan for events?

Touchdown can help you every step of the way with planning and executing your event, from offering our advice on publicity stunts and conducting surveys, to securing and hosting briefings with crucial media and analysts.

Does my company need to attend trade shows?

Trade shows are one of the best ways to meet prospective customers as well as your target media. Whether you go all out as an event sponsor, or opt for exhibiting with a stand, attending shows is important for attracting new customers who want to see all of their options in person in one place. From the PR side, we can work with you to secure briefings with key journalists to ensure that your messages on the day reach the wider tech community.

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How involved will I need to be with the preparations?

Your level of commitment with the show will determine the amount of preparation that will be required – but we can help! With a stand, the prep will be to ensure company attendees have all the materials they need and are ready for any briefings we’ve secured in advance; if you’ve signed up to host a speaking session, for example, this takes more prep in terms of planning the talk, which Touchdown can assist with.

Will Touchdown be present on the day of the event?

Your Touchdown team will typically attend the event with you, managing briefings with journalists and possibly helping conduct a floor survey or two. We’ll be there to support your team on the ground to make sure that the event runs smoothly.

Content Creation

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Do you have any examples of content you have created?

We create a variety of content on behalf of our clients such as blogs, social posts, thought leader articles, expert comments, case studies and more. You can find some examples of our work here.

You can also read our blog about content content creation in the Tech space here.

Do you write your own content, and do you work with freelancers?
As well as writing our own content internally, we do also work with a strong team of freelancers, most of which specialise in content writing. We all work together to create the best content for our clients.
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Can you help with SEO?

We work with a team of SEO professionals that specialise in ​​digital marketing strategies to help you boost your online presence.

Design & Digital

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What design services do you provide?

We are able to provide engaging design and technology solutions for brand, print and digital applications.

Do you do the design yourself or do you outsource?

We work with a team of design professionals who specialise in Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Print Design, Branding, Digital , Print and much more. Find out how we can help you over on our Services page.

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