by | May 10, 2022

How to choose the right B2B tech PR agency

By Jocelyn VerVelde, Senior Account Supervisor

When creating any partnerships, there are essential steps that a company must take. This is also key when choosing to add a B2B tech PR agency to your team. These steps include outlining your needs, establishing internal goals and objectives, and conducting research. 

Start by outlining what you’re looking to get out of a partnership with an agency and how that partnership will help you reach the goals and objectives you’ve noted.

Once you’ve outlined your needs, it’s time to evaluate B2B tech PR agencies.

Do your research

Does the B2B tech PR agency understand your work and have the experience you’re looking for? Are you a new start-up looking to take off? Does the agency have experience with funding announcements? Do they have the capacity for media training for new leadership?

Or are you an established company looking for innovative ideas to help spur conversation around a product or service launch? Look for a B2B tech PR agency that can point to recent projects and case studies where they have done what you’re looking for and how they’ve successfully paired PR with marketing to elevate a launch.

Look at other companies the agency has worked with, do your due diligence and ask questions about the agency’s success with clients in the same industry and then within the same company size and budget. Check out the services that each agency can provide as their full-service offerings. A successful B2B tech PR agency will not only do your media relations but will also help with your analyst relations, social media, award nominations and so much more.

Align on values

Another essential step in forging this relationship is aligning on core values. If your core values don’t align with your PR firm’s values, neither will the results. You want to partner with an agency that will harness and elevate your core values, prioritize the relationship and have mutual respect for the process both parties need to be successful.

Remember, when choosing a B2B tech PR agency, it’s essential to evaluate your needs, and how the partnership can fulfill those. Set clear expectations and consider your PR agency a part of your team. Give the partnership room to grow, and make honesty and transparency your watchwords.

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