by | Mar 27, 2023

Top Ways That SaaS Firms can Generate More Customer Engagement

By Lauren Brower, Junior Account Executive

Customer engagement for tech organizations can be a make-or-break element when it comes to the launch of their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. It can also have lasting effects on long-term brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, so the value of a customer’s engagement for tech firms cannot be understated.

In order to ensure that your business has the tactics in place to encourage customer engagement, you must first recognize the various tactics at your disposal to find what works best for your business and your customers – then, these findings need to inform your global communication strategy.

If you need a place to start, we’re here to help. Below we will be sharing a selection of top tips on how SaaS vendors can get more out of their customer engagement strategies.

Why focus on customer engagement?

First, we must understand why customer engagement is so crucial to SaaS platforms and tech firms.

A Twilo Segment article stated it best when it wrote, Subscription-based businesses like SaaS rely on recurring payments to stay alive.

And it’s true -SaaS platforms are dependent on recurring customers, and the most impactful B2B lead generation strategies are built on this value. . SaaS platforms are dependent on recurring customers. They need people to come back again and again in order to be successful, and in order to keep customers coming back, we need to make sure that they are engaged with the SaaS platform of their choosing.

Know your audience and learn to serve them better

Many vendors carry out intensive customer research to begin building the framework for their SaaS service out, which is a step in the right direction, but more often than not they fail to bring their findings from that research fully into their actual finished product. This is where smaller SaaS firms can gain an upper hand because, unlike bigger corporations that may struggle to account for every audience finding, smaller firms have an opportunity to hone in on smaller audience sectors and build a software product that ticks every box for users.

Putting a greater emphasis on implementing the results you get from your customer analysis throughout not only the building blocks of your SaaS program but also throughout the final product is imperative to make a more tailored experience for your users.

Find ways to better serve your audience 

While it is good to continually update your SaaS platform and provide new product offerings, it is better to focus on building an initial product that from the start remedies what the previous release couldn’t.

Gain insights into how your platform presents users with issues and provide workarounds — this will demonstrate to your audiences that you’re not just innovating for the sake of it and that your product is evolving based on their requirements. This way, your brand will differentiate from vendors that are more focused on updating their technology, rather than addressing its flaws.

For example, to see the work that we have done with SaaS companies — or companies that rely on SaaS as a part of their business — see here to read our client case studies.

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Capitalize upon user-generated content

Your customers’ feedback is your biggest marketing advantage.

As stated in a Nickelled article: There is no greater advertisement for a product or service than a glowing personal testimony. In this age of technology, your B2B customer has a powerful voice that can work on behalf of your company.”

It is important to remember that even though we are in the tech industry, the human element that is present when someone gives their personal experience and testimonial will attract a new user better than any overly-marketed one. User generated content will always give you a more trustworthy advantage over standard brand testimonials because it comes straight from the people using your SaaS platform and SaaS services. It’s unique to your brand, and it’s based on genuine day-to-day interactions with your product. Whenever one of your customers posts about your product, shows themselves using it or they post a glowing review, make use of it on different platforms by sharing it or interacting with that user generated content from your brand’s main account. 

Use engaging campaigns to promote launches

Utilizing your customer analysis results can also help you find new and intriguing ways to announce a new product launch. One of the most effective ways you can utilize this data is through content marketing. Creating content that your customers have easy access to, be it a blog, infographics, a community tab or whatever method your company prefers is a great way to present benefits, new releases or updates to your users in an engaging way.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different formats either. Transforming the way that users engage with your brand could even attract new customers.

SaaS marketing strategy 

Ensuring that your customers are engaged with your SaaS platform will benefit your company from all angles, and our expertise in marketing strategies for software vendors will only serve to supercharge this. If you’re looking for an agency partner that’ll take your business to the forefront of the industry, choose Touchdown PR.

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