by | Feb 22, 2021

Meet the Team – Ella Wallace-Browne

On the 8th February, 2021, we welcomed Ella Wallace-Browne, Senior Account Executive to our UK team. Ella is an English Graduate who has been working in technology PR for nearly 2 years. 

We asked a few quick-fire questions to get to know our newest teammate a little bit better.

Cheese or chocolate? 

Love both but would have to choose Cheese, Cheese makes any meal better in my opinion 

Favourite book you’ve read? 

Kill The Father, or The Handmaid’s Tale – can’t recommend the Amazon series enough!

Puppies or kittens? 

Puppies obviously kittens are kind of creepy

Why Touchdown PR? 

Touchdown automatically felt like a natural fit for me and I loved the team’s attitude and work ethic.

Best gift you’ve ever received? 

Garlic crusher – life-changing 

Describe yourself in 3 words? 

Sociable, fun, and easygoing 

What would be your superpower? 

Teleportation because I’m lazy and it would be a super convenient way to see the world

Favourite author?

I’m a massive Harry Potter nerd so JK Rowling would definitely be my favourite nostalgic/childhood author, currently would have to be Sandrone Dazier, I’m hooked on his series

What is your nickname? 

Bonjy / Bonj, named after Bonjela the mouth ulcer treatment (please no one start calling me this)

Greatest achievement? 

Travelling across Bali by myself – was the first independent trip I’d taken and one of the scariest but most exciting things I’ve done 

Touchdown is always looking for fresh talent to join their team, so if this would be something of interest, be sure to check out our current vacancies today!