by | Apr 8, 2022

Alexandra Morris: Hip hip hooray, 5 years today!

We are celebrating yet another milestone today, as Brand and Marketing Manager, Alexandra Morris celebrates her 5 year anniversary here at Touchdown PR. Alex’s role has developed and changed throughout the years as the business has grown, and she has always been ready to take on the next challenge. Read on to find out more about how her role has transformed.

“Coming from a recruitment background, I started at Touchdown PR back in 2017, originally as the Global Operations Manager. I was responsible for a huge range of day to day operations: from onboarding new starters, organising social events, managing office subscriptions and even IT troubleshooting, as well as working closely with the finance and HR teams.”

One of Alex’s biggest achievements as Global Operations Manager was organising the 2018 offsite team social:

 “Gathering 40 people from across the globe in a small town in Texas for a 4 day team social full of various activities, from horseback riding to fast draw shooting, is no easy task! But I did it, and it was one of the best trips of my life. Organising hotels, flights, meals, activities and excursions for everyone was a challenge, but it was also so rewarding. I’ve literally never been so organised in my entire life! Having all of my colleagues in the same place at the same time is so rare – and to know I’d made it happen made it even more special.

Over time, Alex’s responsibilities began to lean towards the marketing of the business, and she eventually transitioned into the Brand and Marketing role in January 2021. Her appointment coincided with Touchdown PR’s 15 year anniversary – and the rebranding of the whole business.

“My transition from Operations Manager to Brand and Marketing Manager was intense, but there was no better place to start than with the rebranding. We started with a full website and logo update, with the help of Diagonal Design. Then we worked with LS Media and Marketing to create a new SEO strategy to increase our visibility online, updated and expanded our social media presence, and even moved into brand spanking new offices on both sides of the pond. I was part of every step of the process. In some ways I was thrown in at the deep end in my new role, but it was an incredible way to learn! A year and a half later, I’m still constantly gaining new knowledge. I am able to attend various online and external training sessions, which allow me to continually learn and develop. I am loving every minute.”

Alex’s role is continuing to expand, as the business continues to grow. Her focus in 2022 is helping to support that growth by driving recruitment.

“We have such a great culture at Touchdown PR, which I am so proud of, and I literally get paid to shout about it! From our socials (Christmas lunch at The Ritz, anyone?) to our incredible mentor and training schemes, I love shining a light on what we have to offer. My hope is that my work will help showcase our team, and let the right people find us. It’s such an exciting time at Touchdown PR, and I want everyone to know about it.”

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