by | Nov 15, 2022

Derrick Shannon: Hip hip hooray, 5 years today!

Account Director, Derrick Shannon celebrates his 5 year anniversary with Touchdown PR today! Joining back in 2017 as an Account Executive, Derrick is still excited to get up each morning ready and willing to come to work, saying his team at Touchdown PR is like an “extended family”.

“Working at Touchdown has been like working with an extended family. I value the relationships I’ve made here as much as anything. It’s been an important part of my life for the last five years and I can honestly say that I get up each morning ready and willing to come to work. I haven’t always had that feeling in previous jobs, so I know how unique it is. Of course, I’d like to spend my days on a boat or at the beach, who wouldn’t, but if I’m going to put on real shoes to go somewhere, this is a pretty good place.”

Not only is Derrick grateful for that extended family feeling, but he loves working for a business that has such a global footprint. From Austin to Singapore, to Israel to the UK, Derrick says it’s exciting to work with people every day from all over the world!

“I love being part of a global team. It’s exciting to work with people every day from all over the world. I get first hand reactions about global events just by chatting with my faraway colleagues. It gives me a perspective and insights that not everyone is lucky enough to have.”

And although Derrick joined Touchdown with PR experience already, he claims that he’s continues to learn and grow throughout his time here. Whether it be at offsite courses or simply from his clients and peers.

“I’ve learned tons from the people I work with at Touchdown, as well as from clients, journalists and so many others. I’ve always taken the approach that public relations is more than transactional, it’s about building relationships and sharing experiences. That makes each interaction throughout the workday an opportunity to experience something new. It’s not just about pitching a story to a reporter, it’s about learning why they are interested in the subjects they cover. What you learn can be surprising.”

Of course, Derrick couldn’t have made it this far without the support of the fantastic clients we are so lucky to work with on a daily basis, making the technology industry even more exciting than it already is.

“Clients make the work exciting. Technology is never boring and it’s fun to get a behind-the-scenes look at the new solutions and fresh thinking the world needs. Lucky for us, the clients we work with are true industry leaders, so we get early insight into what’s next. They are the companies at the forefront of enterprise IT and we get to join them on the ride.”

Touchdown is always looking for fresh talent to join their team, so if this would be something of interest, be sure to check out our open opportunities today!

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