Nephos Technologies Case Study

Touchdown delivers an impactful media relations program to cement Nephos’ position as “The Data Expert”

Find out how Touchdown implemented a two-pronged strategy, using hard-hitting commentary on topical issues to get the Nephos name in front of reporters writing for top-tier trade and national publications.


Project date: 2023

Client website:

Sector: Technology / Data


Nephos Technologies is a consultancy-led data services integrator that aims to help companies solve complex data problems and drive innovation.


Build the CEO’s reputation as ‘the data expert’ enabling Nephos to ‘punch above its weight’ in this crowded market.


Many reporters already have their go-to sources for expert commentary and have limited time to consider additional sources. Attracting their attention is not easy.


Use hard-hitting, interesting and controversial commentary on topical issues and breaking news to get the Nephos name in front of reporters writing for top-tier trade and national publications.

A two-pronged strategy was devised that enables the Touchdown team to identify opportunities to pitch the CEO’s opinion to reporters writing stories on topics including GDPR, data protection legislation, the online safety bill, and more.

  • Proactive – a ‘watch list’ of reporters who are writing about these data-related topics was created. The team follows these journalists closely, looking for opportunities to pitch the CEO’s views but also proactively sharing the CEO’s ideas with them.
  • Reactive – a continuous news monitoring program keeps the team up-to-date with breaking news. When a relevant story breaks, the team is ready to push out a comment.,

An essential piece of the strategy was to create a ‘comment bank’ containing the CEO’s views on a wide range of data issues. This is constantly updated to reflect new developments in the industry. This means that the team always has timely access to interesting and relevant content when it’s needed by reporters who are usually on a short deadline.

Month Programme

Million Potential Readers

Pieces Of Coverage


In the first six months of the programme Nephos reached over 200 million potential readers. Its CEO has had interviews with and been included in articles by The Financial Times, The Sun, UNILAD, International Business Times, Computer Weekly, IT Pro, Diginomica, and Management Today, to name just a few. 

The CEO is also now regularly asked by journalists to comment on trending data issues demonstrating that he is well on the way to securing his position as ‘the data expert’.