Glasswall Case Study

Touchdown implements a flash mob campaign for Glasswall at Infosecurity Europe 2022

Find out how Touchdown implemented an imaginative flash mob campaign for Glasswall at an event of 4000 attendees.


Project date: 2022

Client website:

Sector: Cybersecurity


A renowned cybersecurity company, Glasswall is a recognized leader in protection against file-based threats. Established in the field of content, disarm and reconstruction (CDR) technology, they’re rated #1 by the National Security Agency.


To share Glasswall’s focus on file sanitization solutions, and the protection CDR technology can provide against file-based attacks.

With the number of malware attacks increasing daily, Glasswall wanted to encourage individuals to remain vigilant online, and promote the importance of their CDR technology in inspecting, cleaning and rebuilding infected files to the manufacturer’s specification.


Glasswall were keen to promote their CDR technology and raise awareness of malicious malware in an engaging and entertaining manner. They wanted Touchdown to think outside of the box, and relevant traditional media forms.


Touchdown focused on ‘big ideas’ that would draw attention to Glasswall’s CDR technology. We sought a project that delivered an element of surprise and excitement and turned our attention to a flash mob performance. With 4000 attendees, Touchdown felt that Infosecurity Europe 2022 would provide the perfect backdrop to stage Glasswall’s campaign.

During the event, the unexpected flash mob began. Starting with one single dancer seen in an anonymous mask, more ‘regular attendees’ joined the performance to represent the speed at which malware can spread. Representing Glasswall’s CDR technology, a security guard pulled good files onto the floor. As the opposing teams entered the dance off, the CDR technology inspects, cleans and rebuilds the malware to create safe files once again.

At the end of the performance, the dancers revealed their Glasswall-branded t-shirts to highlight the power of the organization’s CDR technology.

Performed live at an event with 4000 attendees, the flash mob was later published on YouTube and LinkedIn, resulting in a further;

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Touchdown worked closely with Glasswall to plan and execute the flash mob in six months. An event attended by 4000 like-minded people within the industry, Infosecurity Europe was a well-thought out environment for the performance. With this campaign, Touchdown demonstrated an alternative way to build brand awareness.

Client feedback

Jennifer Chan, Marketing Manager at Glasswall said;

“We had the pleasure of working with Touchdown PR agency, to bring Glasswall’s flash mob advertising activity to life at the Infosecurity Europe at ExCel London in June 2022.”

“It was a great success as many visitors curiously gathered to see what was happening and the engagement with Glasswall was higher than we could have achieved without the performance. Evidently, by conducting a different experience, it led us to stand out from our competitors.”

“Both internally and externally, we received great feedback, and the execution of the flash mob went above and beyond our expectations. We thank the team at Touchdown for their support up until the event and across the conference to bring this performance to life with the dancers.”