Employee Case Study

Tech PR success – moving up and moving away: Olivia’s story

In just four years, Olivia went from fresh graduate with no PR experience to a Senior Account Manager helping to head up our London team. Read about her time at Touchdown PR, which has taken her around the world and back.


Alyssa Pallotti - Touchdown PR

Olivia’s job title: Senior Account Manager

Joined the Touchdown team in: 2020

Office location: UK – London

How it all started

After finishing my Master’s degree in English Literature at the end of 2019, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Throughout my studies, I loved writing and delving head-first into new topics. I also did an internship at a literary festival and really enjoyed the organisation and communication skills required to coordinate with the various authors and customers. But when it came to looking for a job, there were so many things out there that I didn’t know where to start. I stumbled across PR – and Touchdown in particular – completely by chance, but the minute I started the interview process I knew it was the place for me.

The Touchdown journey begins

I started as an Account Coordinator in January 2020. At first, my main responsibility was supporting my account teams – scanning the news for the latest comment opportunities, collecting coverage and flagging it to my clients, and helping with media pitching, content writing and reporting.

From the get-go the job was varied, the culture was fun and there was a willingness from the entire team to help me grow and learn. I started with little to no knowledge of the tech or PR world, but soon enough I found myself finding relevant opportunities for my clients, writing articles about the latest cybersecurity or software trends, or explaining to new starters exactly what my clients did and how their tech works. Every day presented a new learning experience – being forced to work fully remote due to Covid-19 lockdown just three months in, only added to that!

Moving on up

Those first few months now feel like a distant memory. In the four years since I first walked through the Touchdown doors, I’ve had six promotions, working my way up to Senior Account Manager. Today, I’m responsible for managing a portfolio of client accounts, providing strategic counsel to help aid their PR and wider marketing campaigns. I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without the senior team continually pushing me out of my comfort zone, encouraging me to take on more responsibility. In fact, since day one, everyone has been super supportive and motivating which is part of the reason why I love working for Touchdown so much. Over the last few years, I’ve also been lucky enough to carry this forward, mentoring and managing some of the team. And while I can take no credit, it’s been amazing to see some of them grow from graduates to account managers, doing a brilliant job every day.

Around the Touchdown world

While travelling seemed like a pipedream once Covid-19 hit during my first few months at Touchdown, I’ve been lucky to go on some international trips. In July 2022, I met with one of my Australian clients in Munich for lunch and got to experience our German team’s annual Biergarten event while I was there. While pouring with rain, it was great to enjoy a stein or two with the team, clients and journalists at the event – I even learnt a few German words.

In June 2023, I also went on an inter-office trip to our Austin office with Emily (McCormack). Spending a week with our colleagues who we work with daily was so much fun and we experienced a whole host of firsts: The Austin bats, a beer spelling bee, and a summer social on the lake. We’ve also had several team members from across the world visit us in Basingstoke, with everyone making a big effort to spend the week with one another (with numerous meals out).

Years at Touchdown

Promotions achieved

Inter-Office Travel Trips

Next stop London

After being acquired by Ruder Finn at the end of 2022, I decided to move to London to help Director Conrad (Arnavutian) set up our London team. Moving to London was something I’d always fancied doing, and I was really lucky that Touchdown gave me the opportunity to give it a try – as well as the reassurance that I always have a seat in our Basingstoke office if/when I wish to return. It also coincided with my promotion to Senior Account Manager, which made the transition even sweeter. As I’m so close I go back to Basingstoke once a week to catch up with the team, but also have the added bonus of meeting more of our wider Ruder Finn team. Everyone at Touchdown fully supported my move – throwing me my own London-themed leaving party (bunting and all), and consistently checking in on how it’s going. Plus, I now have a plethora of lunch options at my doorstep.

Looking back and looking ahead

Looking back now, it’s crazy how far I’ve come since I started, barely even knowing what PR was. Touchdown has been the perfect place for me to start my career and immerse myself in the tech PR world – and I look forward to continue learning and growing with the team. More importantly, I’ve genuinely enjoyed every step of the way. I get to work with great international clients and colleagues, with a team who support and encourage me to play Taylor Swift in the office 24/7. Out of the office, I’ve enjoyed countless opportunities – be it trade shows, our annual rounders tournament or our Christmas party at the Ritz. I have no doubt that there’s more fun and opportunities ahead and I’m excited to continue to grow my career in 2024 and beyond.

For anyone looking to kick start or continue their career in Tech PR, don’t hesitate to reach out. Touchdown is a great place to develop your skill sets within a supportive, creative and lovely team! Plus you get to listen to Taylor Swift…