Datadobi Case Study

Touchdown increases Datadobi’s Share of Voice by 53%

Find out how Touchdown increased Datadobi’s SOV by 53% with features in Tier-1 publications.


Project date: 2021 |
Client website:

Sector: Data Management


Datadobi is trusted by the world’s leading companies and public-sector institutions to optimize their unstructured storage environments.


Datadobi was introduced to Touchdown through a recommendation and was hired to amplify awareness of the company in the U.S and on the global stage.


The original goal was to raise the company’s brand across the key media, building share of voice (SOV) and to develop relationships with the key influencers. As we entered 2021, it started to transition itself into the go-to unstructured data management vendor, moving away from being known solely for its migration and protection solutions.


The Touchdown team worked closely with Datadobi’s corporate team to tailor the solution strategy from Datadobi’s product roadmap, in particular the focus was around its upcoming v5.12 announcement which laid the foundation that Datadobi had many more capabilities than solely migrating and protecting data. The announcement was focused on the official launch of Datadobi’s vendor-neutral unstructured data mobility engine that is designed to handle the scale and complexity of the world’s largest storage environments. 

To make an impact and establish Datadobi as the go-to unstructured data management vendor, Touchdown had to educate key journalists and analysts about the new engine, and create value-added content to cut through the noise of the saturated data management market.

Million unique monthly visitors

Pieces of coverage

Percent increase in share of voice


By working closely with the Datadobi spokespeople and curating carefully crafted briefing materials to align messaging for each journalist or analyst meeting, the team was able to:

  • Secure 10 briefings and reach an estimated 8 million unique monthly visitors in 15 publications. 
  • Secure Tier-1 hits included SearchStorage, Blocks & Files and HelpNet Security. 
  • The announcement pushed Datadobi’s SOV to allow them to take the No.1 slot against their competitors with 53% SOV. 


A few coverage highlights included:

Including coverage in