Beyond Identity Case Study

Touchdown supports Beyond Identity in bringing Bring Zero Trust Authentication To Market

Discover how Touchdown implemented a dynamic, cross-regional media relations campaign to propel Beyond Identity into top-tier publications with its new cybersecurity category, Zero Trust Authentication. The campaign established Beyond Identity as the natural leader in the new field of Zero Trust.

Project date: 2023

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Sector:  Technology / Security


Beyond Identity is a FIDO2-certified, leading provider of cutting-edge security solutions committed to eliminating passwords – the single largest source of ransomware and other cyber-attacks.


Position Beyond Identity as the foremost developer and leader of Zero Trust Authentication (ZTA) in the UK, DACH, and US markets, solidifying its position as a pioneer in the industry and establishing the topic’s presence in a new market. 


Beyond Identity was one of the first cybersecurity providers to emphasise the importance of authentication in the emerging Zero Trust framework. However, the acronym ZTA was already claimed by another company, representing Zero Trust Architecture. This posed a challenge to Beyond Identity’s goal of pioneering the term and solidifying it as a common term in the cybersecurity industry. 


Touchdown orchestrated a multi-channel media relations strategy to communicate the paramount importance of Authentication in the Zero Trust framework to key journalists and analysts. The approach centred on targeted media pitching, developing strong in-depth content to ensure the concept was captivating and comprehensible for the intended audience, and close coordination across regions to maintain a consistent global message.


In a seamless collaboration between teams in the US, UK and Germany, Touchdown crafted a compelling announcement and proactively engaged with key media targets leading up to Beyond Identity’s launch event, bringing together a pantheon of zero trust leaders. This preparation ensured that influential journalists had all the information they needed to cover the news and analysts were well-informed ahead of the event, leading to extensive media coverage.


Even after the launch, the team persisted in the thought leadership campaign, offering by-lined articles and expert commentary that elaborated on the term ‘Zero Trust Authentication’ and its use cases. The team also conducted survey at Cloud Expo in London to support the ongoing Zero Trust Authentication campaign, which underscored the limitations of traditional Multi-Factor Authentication. 

Pieces of Coverage


Total Reach


Within the first three months of the Zero Trust Authentication launch, Touchdown secured 68 pieces of coverage across the UK and DACH regions and 9 briefings, including inclusions publications such as CSO Online, Help Net Security, Intelligent CISO and Tech Radar Pro

This equated to a reach of 2,168,372,150* and helped position Beyond Identity as the leader in a newly established but critical cybersecurity category at the intersection of identity and authentication. 

*Based on circulation figures of publications sourced on SimilarWeb