My work experience at Touchdown PR

By Izzy Tutin, PR Work Experience, Touchdown PR

Work experience gives students the opportunity to learn and truly understand what the world of work is like but also, what it requires from you. I spent the week at Touchdown PR for my work experience and was hoping that by the end of it, I would have more of an idea on what career path I would like to take. Specifically, I wanted to find out whether English was right for me or if it was better to stick to something more scientific.

As a 15-yr old, I had never worked in an office before going to Touchdown PR, so I had no idea what to expect or what was expected of me, and, in truth, I had no idea what PR really was either. However, in my week at Touchdown I learnt a great deal about PR and the tasks they carry out every day.

What I have certainly learnt from my week here is that PR is more than just working on just one task at a time, there are actually many aspects that come together to form a PR agency. PR isn’t just about the writing; you also have to liaise with journalists, constantly collect coverage and many other vital tasks all to help your clients get publicity. All tasks vary in some shape or form – whether it is writing a press release, dealing with a social media post or even taking on kitchen duty, they all fit together to make one efficient team, proving teamwork is a very significant skill set within a company.

Izzy on work experience at Touchdown.

Everyone at Touchdown has been exceedingly friendly and warm, helping me feel welcomed within the agency. On my first day I had an interesting talk with Bethan, a PR Graduate, learning about her role here and how she got into PR. Continuing onto my second day where I spent the morning shadowing Rachael, an Account Executive, learning about news scanning and getting stuck into some of the jobs required within tech PR. With each person I worked alongside, I discovered what PR requires of you and have realised there is a lot more to it than just writing.

Overall Touchdown has been a wonderful place to spend my work experience placement, everyone is so friendly and they are always willing to help or teach you about PR. I can now safely say I know what public relations is and also what is required within a role in PR. Touchdown has done a brilliant job of introducing me to the world of public relations which has now opened my mind to more career pathways I could take.


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