Why PR agencies need to remember internal comms

By Asha Purohit, Account Manager

Working in public relations, we always have our clients’ communication strategy front of mind. For us, that means we’re busy writing content and doing press outreach, as well as drafting social media posts about the client’s latest award win or a new senior hire.

But, what about communications internally, within the agency itself? Who tells us about the great things we’re doing? Sometimes we forget that we need to do our own PR too, and not just externally.

If there’s anything we’ve learned from this pandemic, and with the whole team working remotely, it’s important to maintain internal communications. You can no longer shout out to your colleagues sitting around you about a national piece of coverage you secured or a new client that’s just signed with the agency. We need to keep talking and sharing the good (and not so good) news. After all, it’s important to keep everyone engaged. 

So, here are some tips on keeping up internal communications:

  1. Have a weekly team meeting

I know another meeting is not what anyone needs, but sharing agency updates once a week is a great way to connect. Use this time for not just business wins and employee news, but “ins and outs” for the week, and important client events that may make some of the team busy and unavailable. Not seeing people in person makes it difficult to get messages across, so a weekly all-hands not only saves time, but also opens up the topic for discussion.

  1. Keep internal communications messages short and concise

No one wants to read a really long email, but at the same time, it’s important to spread messages throughout the company. So keep it short, use bullet points so it’s easy to read and if there’s an action for the team to do – highlight it so it doesn’t get missed! 

  1. Don’t forget the big and small recognitions

We get so busy with our own day to day client needs, sometimes we don’t see the great things other people are doing in their teams. Create a fun way of highlighting the recognitions with the whole team, for example, get together once a week with shout outs for each other. Here at Touchdown, we’ve adopted Legally Blonde’s “Snap Cup”, not only do we have a laugh and it’s a bit of time to unwind, but more importantly it’s a time to compliment and appreciate each other. And it doesn’t have to be work-related – give snaps to someone for getting a great new haircut!

  1. Spread the news externally

If your agency wins an award, gets amazing coverage for a client, or even does charity work, don’t forget to add it to your social media and ask the employees to share it on their accounts too. After all, future hires will be looking not only at your website but at your social media and of those of employees, to understand what your culture is truly like. Show that you have fun together and the team are genuinely friends and not just colleagues. We might be in a pandemic, but there are still virtual activities you can do as a group. Take a look at our latest Halloween pumpkin competition as an example!

Like any industry, working in PR definitely has its challenges, and sometimes our days are taken over doing crisis comms for a client, other days, we’re celebrating achieving top-tier coverage. So, it’s important to remember to come together and celebrate the big and the little wins. Working together virtually just means we need to learn to communicate more often and effectively in different ways. Keep it short, keep it regular, and keep it fun!

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