What can channel PR do for your business?

And do channel vendors really need public relations?

By Jay Smith, Senior Account Executive, TOUCHDOWNPR

Jay McBan, Forrester Principal Analyst of Channel Partnerships & Alliances recently set out to answer these very questions.

Forrester recently conducted research to find out just how valuable PR can be, and to narrow down the top PR firms that benefit channel-focused vendors. Amongst those surveyed were media professionals (editors, journalists, publishers, and owners/principals) and channel consultants that correspond with PR people everyday. This research narrowed down the top global 13 PR firms, and featured Touchdown PR among these leaders.

Being included on a list of this caliber by an industry leader like Forrester got us thinking, and we thought it begged analyzing the question again: Do channel vendors really need public relations? And if so, what are we doing at Touchdown PR to ensure our clients are reaching the optimal success that they can in the channel?

For starters, Forrester notes that the channel is currently a $2.26 trillion dollar market. That’s trillion with a “T,” for clarification.

In the UK alone, there are over 20,000 resellers who make up the channel sector. And Forrester figures there are 600,000 ‘partners’ worldwide along with 50,000 MSPs globally. As of 2019, Forrester also details that “the global channel community reads a total of 54 channel magazines, listens to 64 podcasts, belongs to 24 associations, participates in vendor and distributor communities, and follows thought leaders to over 150 channel-related trade shows per year.” 

At first glance, this can be seen as a huge minefield with lots of points of influence to try to cut through. But PR can help cover a plethora of these points if done right – and we feel we’re doing just that at Touchdown PR.

The landscape for channel technology is constantly evolving, and the $2 trillion market reflects that. To cut through the noise, channel professionals must have a clear understanding of which technologies are most fundamental to their business and program goals, as well as know how technology can help.

The numbers speak for themselves, and channel vendors need the support of an agency that can not only quickly grasp their innovative products and solutions, bringing their messages to targeted audiences and platforms, but also help them achieve their organizational goals.

At Touchdown PR we don’t take this idea lightly, and it shows in the work we’ve been doing in putting our clients in front of the most relevant, knowledgeable industry experts. Some of our recent successes include placements for our clients in leading channel publications such as CRN, TechTarget’s SearchITChannel, ChannelPro Network and many more. 

Are these publications and these types of stories where your organization wants to be? To learn how we can help you amplify your channel company’s message, contact info@touchdownpr.com


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