Touchdown PR International Offsite: Bonding in Bandera, Texas

By: Jessica Luhrman, Senior Account Executive

One of the key features of life here at Touchdown is our approach to creating one unified team across the globe. Our clients operate across the world and to best fulfill their PR needs, being one international team is essential. To reinforce that, we recently joined forces for our bi-annual off-site in Bandera, Texas.

Team members traveled from across the Netherlands, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, as well as Austin, Texas, to unite together as one team, with an emphasis on supporting each other better, no matter which office we’re based in.

As well as exploring how we could build and develop our client success stories in all of our different markets, good times were had by all. Memories were made horseback riding, indulging in s’mores, line-dancing to country music, witnessing demonstrations from Pistol Packin’ Paula and singing karaoke at the Chikin Coop (a local Bandera bar).

After reflecting on our trip, several members of Touchdown PR shared their thoughts:

Kylle O’Sullivan, Senior Account Supervisor:

“From line dancing to horseback riding to hayrides, the team experienced it all. It’s hard to sum up the highlight of the trip, but getting to spend a few days with international colleagues on a dude ranch was a new experience for everyone involved that will never be forgotten. One team, one dream.”

Hattie Curl, Account Executive:

“The ranch was the perfect setting to properly get to know the whole international team. From horse riding to breakfast tacos, the whole trip was an unforgettable shared experience. Having the whole team come together in a saloon to line dance with locals to a live country band was surreal, and definitely bonded us in a way Skype calls just can’t!”

Anastasia Frezefond, Account Executive:

“What a unique experience! It was so much fun having finally the opportunity to get to know everyone personally, in an informal context. The ranch was very beautiful, surrounded by nature and longhorns.”

Kerstin Sturm, Senior PR Consultant:

“Besides horse riding, hayrides, line dancing and team building activities, there was enough space to connect casually with all the members of the team. I really enjoyed discovering similarities with colleagues from different countries and I am happy to be a part of this exciting international team!”

With 50+ employees around the globe, these trips are a chance for us to reinforce our team connections, and explore the ways we can all work better, together – delivering campaigns for our clients across the globe as one entity.

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