Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Another Touchdown PR Client Has Been Acquired!

At RSA this week – one of the biggest events on the Touchdown PR calendar, averaging 45,000 attendees each year – we saw WhiteHat Security become part of NTT Security.  And it was just two months ago that we saw another client – Citus Data – get gobbled up by Microsoft.

Over the years we’ve seen dozens of clients get acquired – to the collective tune of more than $5 billion – and we’ve seen many others go through successful IPOs too.  It might be a different story every time, but every deal is always exciting.

At RSA, NTT cited WhiteHat’s application security expertise as instrumental in delivering on its “vision of securing a smart and connected society by providing comprehensive security solutions for enterprises undergoing digital transformation.” We love working with brands that are innovating, disrupting, and challenging the status quo. In the case of WhiteHat, this was a great example of a client filling critical gaps in the cybersecurity space and beyond.

At Touchdown, we believe every client brings something unique, often something remarkable, to the table.  It’s our job to deliver a strategic message and compelling storyline about that difference, and then communicate it through key influencers to decision-makers across markets at a global scale.

It’s never an easy job – and it requires an expert team around the world to get aligned behind one story, one USP, one message. But something is clearly working, because every one of these M&A deals confirms that the market understands the value of what each client brings to the table, and with that, a price to match.

A good week at RSA turned into a great week, as WhiteHat picked up three awards from the key security publication Cyber Defense Magazine. WhiteHat’s application security testing and innovation in software security tools were recognised by judges and came out on top in three separate categories at the show – congratulations! This capped off a great week for ourselves, as gaining clients deserved recognition through awards is also something we are passionate about at Touchdown.  

Good luck to our friends and clients at Citus Data and at WhiteHat Security.  Who will be next?

NTT Signs Deal to Acquire WhiteHat Security


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