‘Intelligence sharing key to stopping modern day criminals prospering online’, former Head of Police National Cyber Crime Unit tells Data Protection World Forum

By Jacob Greenwood, Account Manager

Modern day bank robbers are no longer having to resort to large-scale heists involving weapons and getaway vehicles, as the opportunities to exploit organisations for financial gain online pose less risk and can result in criminals earning millions of pounds, the Former Head of Police National Cyber Crime Unit told the Data Protection World Forum last week.

Now Senior Cyber Crime Advisor at PwC, Charlie Mcmurdie explained in her keynote speech at the London event that the sophistication of online criminals is growing rapidly and online brute force attacks aren’t always the most likely now, with social engineering attacks and extortion now seen as more successful and profitable in the era of digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

Mcmurdie’s speech came in the same week that two of the perpetrators of the 2015 TalkTalk data breach which saw 156,959 accounts accessed, were jailed. With large organised crime groups operating around the world and nation states posing a high risk, as well as hacktivists and opportunistic attackers, she told the audience that it is crucial that intelligence agencies work together to share information to most effectively disrupt attackers.

Mcmurdie was one of over 150 speakers across eight content theatres at the inaugural Data Protection World Forum event offering the latest industry advice, debate and guidance through two days of engaging presentations, keynote talks and panel discussions. Touchdown PR was proud to work with the event on running media engagements at the show.

Charlie Mcmurdie Talks Cyber Crime at Data Protection World Forum

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