Freedom of Information Act Request Projects

For many technology vendors and service providers, the public sector is a significant market, where understanding the key technology challenges, issues and objectives can shape their sales and marketing efforts. Its role in national life also means that it is of particular interest to the media, and these factors combined create demand for original research.


To understand the key strategic IT challenges and issues faced locally and nationally, Freedom of Information requests can play an important role in assessing national technology trends that may also have an impact on a local level.

The challenge is to develop meaningful and succinct research requests which reveal information of genuine value, help tech businesses understand the public sector and offer the media interesting topics of discussion.


Touchdown’s research process enables clients to identify focused areas of interest and secure responses from across the public sector. Data is analysed and compiled into a variety of informative content types, including reports, press releases and thought leadership pieces.

The entire research and content process is carried out in-house, providing clients with an efficient and tailored solution.



Our FOI research projects have been used by a variety of clients to inform their public sector sales and marketing strategy, while offering the media original insight into important technology trends and issues.

For example, Six Degrees Group, commissioned a study to discover the number and severity of data breaches happening across local government in the UK.  It revealed a range of important trends and enabled Six Degrees to recommend a variety of potential improvements. A media coverage example can be found here.

Similarly, FalconStor, an international data management business, researched the Disaster Recovery (DR) strategies used within local government, revealing that the personal data of 3.5m UK citizens was not protected by a DR plan.  A media coverage example can be found here.

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