May 25, 2018 had been looming large for many over the past few years as the date that GDPR officially became the data protection regulation of the European Union. Many vendors and media outlets have been talking about this day for years and in every way possible – or so we thought.


As a data management company, Commvault has a deep desire to help customers and partners understand GDPR and how it will impact their data since it was originally announced. However, with a lot of noise to cut through surrounding the infamous date in May, Commvault challenged us to tell its GDPR story in a unique way that could garner coverage and continue to build Commvault’s reputation as the go-to data management company to ensure compliance.


With all the possibilities that were swirling around come May 25th, our overall approach was a comprehensive plan to cover all eventualities – with content ranging from quotes through to full articles prepared in advance. However, the golden standard for success meant aiming high – Commvault wanted national coverage, and we were determined to deliver.

National coverage requires more than just a good spokesperson and a good message – it needs something truly show-stopping, quirky, and in the public interest. The team heard about Projekts MCR, a community skatepark in Manchester which had reached out to Commvault for advice. This was exactly the kind of story we needed. 


Through the team’s tireless pitching, two regional BBC radio stations agreed to speak to Commvault in the run up to the deadline. BBC Radio Manchester featured a segment that included audio from a visit to Projekts MCR and an interview with its CEO, John Haines alongside insights from Nigel. The following day, Nigel featured on BBC Radio Berkshire to give advice for small businesses. In the process of following up, the team also secured time for our spokesperson to have a conversation with Margi Murphy of The Telegraph, to inform a story she was working on around GDPR. Overall, the team secured six pieces of coverage and three briefings – making both the client, and us, very proud.

Who says talking about data management and compliance can’t be fun!


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