The Isotrak Group, comprised of the Isotrak, Verilocation and Alcolock businesses, provides market-leading fleet management and telematics solutions to customers in the UK, Australia, and North America. The group’s tracking solutions, fleet data analytics and specialist services are supported by a user-friendly interface that integrates into everyday operations, all aimed at helping customers drive competitiveness through greater productivity and improved safety and compliance.


When it was acquired by Lyceum Capital in 2013, Isotrak was a relatively little-known player in the UK telematics sector. With Lyceum’s support, Isotrak acquired Verilocation in the second quarter of 2017, bringing together the best of both businesses.

However, the challenge for the Isotrak Group lay in the lack of profiling – Isotrak and Verilocation were names that were simply not familiar with key audiences in the UK telematics sector.  At a time when the pace of change and advancement in the telematics industry is unprecedented, with opportunity to voice opinions on a variety of topical issues and talk up unique product offerings, the Isotrak Group could not afford to go unnoticed.


We were appointed in February 2017 to use PR to boost awareness for the Isotrak Group. To achieve this, we put together a range of tactics to promote the Isotrak proposition and add value to the marketing and sales funnel.

Our primary approach was to place proactive contributed content and interviews with the Isotrak CEO in top tier UK telematics media channels, the purpose being to highlight Isotrak’s expertise and credibility across a range of themes, including advice-driven articles, the evolution of telematics, and disruptive influences and trends.

In addition, we worked to provide reactive features and comments in response to events and trends directly affecting the telematics and fleet sectors, as well as customer stories across a range of verticals to demonstrate and endorse Isotrak’s expertise.


Since investing in PR activity, the Isotrak Group experienced a spike of 153% in earned publicity from February 2017, over a 12-month period. This figure is a testament to the profiling achieved in top tier fleet and telematics media channels and relevant vertical press, which more than doubled compared to the same period the previous year.

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