Building on the UK team’s existing relationship with Tintri, the American IT solutions provider, Touchdown had just won the US PR contract, a big deal for our ‘small’ agency.


It was important to us that we started our expanded relationship with Tintri strongly. Collectively, the team discussed how we could gain coverage in business publications as well as the more common technology ones to broaden the reach of our narrative. Aiming high, we decided to reach out to some national publications.


In March 2017, we spotted a feature on The Irish Times, called the Wild Geese. Irish native, co-founder and CTO Kieran Harty was the perfect fit. The feature is based on successful Irish entrepreneurs who have moved abroad and set up a successful business. We spoke directly with the Business Editor of the publication and successfully pitched Kieran as a desirable candidate. The process from this point to publication took approximately six months in total, where we continually ensured that the article was progressing. Throughout this process we built up a good rapport with the main editor when working with him to arrange a time for Kieran to speak with his freelancer.


On 12th August 2017, The Irish Times published the feature both in print and online, where the publication has a circulation of 8.2 million. Tintri’s EMEA Twitter handle also tweeted and retweeted the news, increasing the overall coverage of the piece. The feature discussed the success that Kieran has had since moving away from Ireland, but also emphasised the connection the founder still feels towards his home country. Kieran himself was very pleased with the coverage, which he expressed when Touchdown met with him in October.

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