83North is an international venture capital firm that invests in European and Israeli entrepreneurs. It started life as Greylock IL, an international affiliate of US-based Greylock Partners. In 2015, it broke away from its founding organisation, rebranding as 83North and launching its first $200 million fund.


With three successful funds worth in excess of $500 million under management and a growing portfolio of leading technology brands including Just-Eat, Wonga and NotOnTheHighStreet, 83North is enjoying growing success.   

Venture capital is the lifeblood of new business development – but it is hugely competitive.  Investors compete against each other to identify tomorrow’s market leaders. As a relatively new brand, 83North has to shout loudly to cut through the chatter of more established firms.  In April 2017, with the impending closure of its fourth fund and two high profile additions to its team imminent, 83North wanted to use these significant milestones to help build awareness around its brand. Top tier business publications including Financial Times, Reuters and Bloomberg were in 83North’s sights.



The launch campaign comprised three announcements: the closure of an oversubscribed $250 million fund, a new General Partner joining the London team, and a tech industry veteran (Joe Tucci, ex-CEO of EMC) joining the firm as a Special Advisor.  Mini campaigns were devised around each announcement that wove in broader business themes. For example, one theme explored was the impact Brexit would have on the London venture capital scene. Another was around the trend for CEOs to move into the investment side of business. Each campaign also deployed a number of different tactics aimed at delivering maximum results. These included meticulous media and influencer targeting to organise pre-briefings under embargo, securing an exclusive interview with a UK national newspaper and follow-up interviews on the day of announcements.


During a 3-month period, 60+ pieces of coverage were secured for 83North within the top tier business media including Bloomberg, CityAM, Financial Times, Fortune, Reuters, Times, Telegraph and Wall Street Journal.  Coverage was also secured in the best-read VC publications including Axios, Private Equity Wire, PE Hub, TechCrunch, Venture Capital Journal and VentureBeat.

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