Understanding The Evolving Cyber Security Landscape At IP Expo

By Hattie Curl, Account Executive

As specialists in cybersecurity it’s important for Touchdown to be regularly attending events that help us keep our finger on the pulse of the national and international trends in the sphere.  That’s why ExCeL was the place to be earlier this month as we visited Europe’s number one enterprise tech event – IP Expo and, more specifically, Cyber Security X, the security-focused section of the popular trade event.  Here are our three takeaways from the event:

Influence of bloggers in the modern media landscape

It was interesting to note that the keynote speaker was renowned security blogger, researcher, podcaster, and public speaker, Graham Cluely. This emphasised to us the growing influence that experts and thought leaders from outside the ‘traditional’ media, such as specialist bloggers, have on the industry as a whole.

Graham’s unbelievable tales of cyber attacks were incredibly insightful.  He spoke about the extraordinary cases of companies that pretended to be hacked when they haven’t, or the attackers who went to remarkable lengths to steal millions from their employers.

Themes of the event

By wandering around and through speaking with a whole range of attendees and exhibitors, we found out what industry trends are most prevalent and topical in the cybersecurity community.  As expected, as well as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and IoT all featured heavily as themes at the show.  Through demos and speaking with experts on the stands, we learnt which threats are impacting customers most at the moment.  With ‘hot’ technologies such as blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence, making a considerable impact on the industry, the threat landscape has never been so broad.

Relevance of trade shows

In 2018, trade shows are still of great relevance and offer an important opportunity for clients, customers and the media to meet, exchange ideas and learn about new technologies.  Enterprise cybersecurity technology is an exciting sector to be in and we look forward to seeing how these trends progress at next year’s event.

Cyber Security X, 2018 – Keynote speeches to media engagements

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