Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week – a year round priority

The working world has a reputation for being fast-paced, but that doesn’t mean that any organisation should promote an ‘always-on’ work culture. We believe that all of our staff need to have a healthy state of mind at work and at home. That’s why last week, we were supporting Mental Health Awareness Week, which this year had a specific focus on stress.

For the Touchdown team, the week was filled with a number of activities to encourage our staff to live healthy lifestyles, including:

  • Walking and talking meetings – A few minutes walking outside gives you the chance to clear the cobwebs in your head, through breathing in fresh air and connecting with the environment. It’s also good for the brain!
  • Eat better, live better – Evidence suggests that good nutrition is essential for our mental health, so we got creative at our own make-shift smoothie bar and indulged in a healthy lunch to celebrate the Royal Wedding!
  • Time management and productivity – Managing our time in an efficient way will not only help us to get the right things done, but allow us the time to relax, de-stress and breathe more freely. The whole Touchdown team took part in training to get some helpful top tips for how to increase productivity.
  • Healthy finances – Studies have shown that mental health and financial stability are closely linked, so our HR manager shared a number of helpful online tools to get us on track to having stable finances.

Work can be stressful, and often there isn’t a way around it, but no one should feel stressed all the time – it isn’t good for anyone. But unfortunately, stress and other mental health issues are very prevalent in our society, with the 2017/18 CIPR State of the Profession report finding that 1 in 6 PR professionals experience mental health concerns. For this reason, it’s important to us that we offer training and initiatives to our staff all year round to help with essential skills that will help them to combat the daily stresses of life – not only at work, but in all aspects of their personal lives as well. From time-management skills, to managing your finances, there are plenty of things that we can all struggle with and don’t necessarily talk about or get taught from day one.

“By not wanting to cause upset, or challenge ourselves or others, people often shy away from discussing the subject of mental health. Mental Health Awareness Week is extremely important to us as it helps us to break down these barriers – but it isn’t the only time we think about our mental wellbeing,” says Lisa Dixon, HR Manager at Touchdown PR. “On average, we all spend around a third of our lives at work, so, at Touchdown, we strive to provide a supportive environment where staff feel safe to talk and are fit and healthy enough, both physically and mentally, to enjoy what they do.”

At the end of the day, we aren’t all magicians and it can be hard to juggle so many different parts of life in 24 hours, so sometimes we just need a helping hand.

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