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As an international enterprise technology PR agency, it’s vital for us to keep our finger on the pulse of events in all of our regions. Events like London Tech Week, with over 55,000 attendees, are critical for this – offering a glimpse into the intersections of innovation, global affairs and technology.

Against the backdrop of Brexit uncertainty, there were a number of announcements last week that caught the attention of the team back in the office. Here are some of our favourite articles from the event, and what they mean for tech companies, and communications, in the UK moving forwards.

At the event kick-off, Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, announced findings from London & Partners that suggested that London’s tech firms are essential to the UK’s digital economy, accounting for 80% of all venture capital money invested into the UK since Brexit. Investment in tech firms accounted for over £4 billion of VC investment, ahead of the £1.14 billion for Paris, £814 million for Berlin and £542 million for Stockholm.

This shows that London remains the crux point for technology in Europe, making the UK the prime place for working with the most innovative, cutting edge companies in fields like AI, cyber-security and data management. However, all this innovation requires expert PR to raise awareness, and having a bolt-hold in the UK with connections into EMEA and the US is invaluable for being a part of the European (and international) tech scene.

Out of 2.1 million people in the UK tech sector, only 17% are women. At a Trainline event, industry experts including the MP and shadow minister for industrial strategy, and the head of innovation at the Royal Academy of Engineering called for diversity to be taken seriously. The panel stressed the importance of role models, on-going education and flexible working to boost female engagement in the sector.

When it comes to representation of female success, businesses often struggle not just to hire enough women into roles, but also with how to communicate and boost female engagement and successes. We work with several inspirational female spokespeople, and are always looking to find ways to boost their profile and help establish them as role models for a new generation of women in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths).

London’s mayor also launched a new Smart Cities Roadmap, spearheaded by the London Office for Data Analytics (LODA). The organisation is looking to harmonise data standards between public services and roll out more smart city devices across London.

We see this kind of story everywhere – enterprises, public sector organisations and government bodies are just a few of the entities looking to use data more efficiently, and build a strategy powered by insights. Data is an incredible tool, but one that requires new approaches and technologies to use effectively. For our clients, it’s all about communicating how their products and services play into this vision, and how they can help with the on-going challenges of digital transformation. It’s a busy conversation, but one where we’re proud to be experts in, and able to influence the media conversation with our clients’ stories.

London Tech Week may be over, but enterprise tech conversations around diversity, innovation and tech investment are endless. For organisations, in the US and EMEA, who are looking to shape the future of technology, find out how we can help you every step of the way, here.

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