A cultural trip to the Touchdown annual Biergarten event

By Ben Ralph, Account Manager, Touchdown PR 

On Thursday 4th July 2018, one of Munich’s oldest and most famous beer gardens – Augustiner-Keller – played host to the Touchdown PR ‘Biergarten’ networking event. Held every year, the Biergarten event is a firm favourite all-round – for clients, journalists and the Touchdown team.

Under the heat of the Bavarian sun, guests enjoyed free-flowing Augustiner beer, as well as a range of local delicacies, including smoked meats, cheeses, obatzda and warm pretzels. Towards the end of the night, the Augustiner-Keller waiters – all dressed in traditional Bavarian attire – treated guests to plates of Kaiserschmarrn, a warm and fluffy shredded pancake named after Franz Joseph I, the Austrian emperor who famously first enjoyed the ‘Emperor’s Mess’.

After an evening of fun, food, and great conversation under a vast chestnut canopy, the Touchdown team enjoyed some sightseeing in the city centre. Annette Civanyan, a senior PR consultant at Touchdown in Germany, treated the team to a guided tour around Munich’s newly renovated Alte Pinakothek. One of the oldest art galleries in the world, the Alte Pinakothek houses a vast collection of ‘Old Master’ paintings from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century.

A History of Art graduate, Annette captured the team’s imagination, describing the subtle nuisances of Rogier van der Weyden’s radient renaissance altarpiece, ‘Adoration of the Kings’, and the contentious history behind Albrecht Dürer’s ‘Four Apostles’. The eye-opening tour ended with the team gazing up at Peter Paul Rubens’ ‘The Great Last Judgement’, a six-metre tall masterpiece representing heaven, hell, and everything in between. A fitting end to one of the best events on the Touchdown calendar.

Editor’s note: Trips like these are great opportunities for the teams to catch up on client news, share insights and best practices, and develop closer international links to help deliver results for our clients. Thank you to Ben for taking the time to attend the event, and share his thoughts with the team. To find out more about how you can join our team, and be part of events like this in future, check out our careers page here.

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