12 is the lucky number for Touchdown PR

Author: James Carter, CEO, Touchdown PR

As Touchdown PR turned 12 years old this month we learned that our 12% revenue growth placed us 12th in the annual PR Week (UK) technology agency rankings. 12 must be the lucky number, right? Well, not quite. PR Week says we also squeezed into the top 200 global agencies for the first time. What’s more, in the UK, where Touchdown PR was originally founded, we’re now one of the top 10 largest agencies outside of London and the largest in Surrey where we are headquartered. It’s been quite a ride in the UK, as well as in all the other European regions we serve too – DACH, NORDIC, CEE, BENELUX, Italy, Spain and most everywhere between.

Yet behind the published numbers is an even more exciting development. Our US PR business – which is a toddler compared to our European business – has been the biggest driver of growth in recent years. We now have a team of 15 in our US headquarters in Austin, Texas. One telling sign of this growth is that we’re already onto our third office in Austin in almost as many years. Austin is a bellwether magnet for PR talent in the US and we’ve hired new colleagues who’ve joined us from as far away as Connecticut, New York and Los Angeles. While Austin can be a little weird, it’s an awesome place to live and work and we’re fortunate that our original US leader – that’s you Liem – was based there and suggested we call this our home. This was a great decision, one that has helped us attract the best staff, retain awesome clients and steadily rise in the PR Week rankings every year. And we’re still looking for talent by the way, in case you know anyone looking.

Competing on the global stage as a mid-sized technology PR firm over more than a decade has been a heady mix of challenging, exciting, rewarding and fulfilling. It’s certainly never been dull. Taking the step across the pond several years ago to see if we could maintain our operational excellence, sector knowledge and client commitment in the US market was never guaranteed to succeed. Yet we found a way thanks to the incredible team we’ve built and the leadership we’ve put in place to help take things to the next level. It was not much of a surprise that, at the start of this year, the US became our biggest region.

Enterprise technology remains as hot a market as ever. Big data, AI, cyber-security, robotics, automation, communications, convergence, data management, e-learning, cloud and virtualization are the current trending sectors where we’re seeing huge demand for our services. Can we keep up with the demand? Well, we’ve kept up for the past 12 years and we certainly plan to for the next 12. So if you want to know more how we can help grow your brand in North America, Europe, or globally why don’t you shoot us a message at info@touchdownpr.com

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